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Former software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now part of Micro Focus
Stuart Mays (Director for Commercial Strategy, Global, UK)

Whilst the radio market faces significant new competition, it still retains large audiences and extensive relationships with advertisers. Stuart Mays, Director of Commercial Strategy for Global, the UK Media and Entertainment Group, outlines the steps the UK's number radio group has taken to expand its business and harness new opportunities. Find out how the group's focus on events, new digital properties and programmatic advertising has changed what the company does.

Track 3, Hall NSession

11:15 11:55

Dave Watson (Senior Director of Marketing, DAVID Systems, Germany) James Cridland (Podnews, Australia) , Bruno Tézenas (Montcel/Radio Act, France) , Vincent Benveniste (CEO, DAVID Systems, Germany)

Dave Watson (Senior Director of Marketing, DAVID Systems, Germany) James Cridland (Podnews, Australia) , Bruno Tézenas (Montcel/Radio Act, France) , Vincent Benveniste (CEO, DAVID Systems, Germany)

Radio is approaching a world with no boundaries. Production and delivery are ubiquitous and it’s entering a new world of integration. This shift touches the entire radio ecosystem, from journalists to programmers to finance. It’s a fast moving world that has to consider how to best use AI, deliver new media content to Voice Assistants, maintain leadership in Podcasts and preserve brand and content integrity in a world of “Fake News”. DAVID Systems will host a QA session with industry leaders on suggestions to step up our game and build a better Radio platform.

Track 4, Hall MSession

12:05 12:55

Dave Berry(the Dave Berry Show, UK) and Paul Sylvester(Head of Content, Absolute Radio, UK)

So you want to launch a big new show with a really well known host… but what is the process behind it all? Who do you choose and why? How do you go about poaching them from a rival station? And then, how do you create a fresh, exciting new programme from scratch? Dave Berry was the host of the Capital FM Breakfast show for over 5 years before joining Absolute Radio in 2017 to host their new home time show - weekdays from 4pm. In this session Content Director of Absolute Radio, Paul Sylvester, will share the process behind signing Dave and launching the new programme... and one of the UK’s most well-known radio hosts, Dave Berry, will talk about making the switch to Absolute Radio and how he approached starting a brand new show.

Track 1Session

12:05 12:55

Vanessa Rodrigues (Journalist, Director and Professor, Portugal) , Laura Romero(Audio Producer and Professor, Spain) , Rosa Fernandez (Producer, P3 Documentary, SR, Sweden) ​​

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3 innovative formats from 3 countries, which definitely will inspire you. Songwriter (Denmark) - the 2017 winner of Prix Europe in the category “Best music format“. Host and producer Jonas Gülstorff will present this unique and original concept focusing on the actual process of writing a song. France Inter. A media experience with radio at the core. A live radio show in front of an audience in Paris is at the same time sent live in 40 movie theaters across France, to offer the possibility to all the listeners to be part of the event. The Denis Avdic Show (Slovenia). Apart from hosting his own popular morning show on Radio 1, Dennis is also hosting the most popular Saturday night TV show and doing his own stand-up and one-man theatre shows. Denis will talk about what makes a great radio show.

Track 2, Hall F2Session

13:45 14:30

Steve Ackerman (Managing Director, Somethin´ Else, UK)

The battle for attention means your radio station is competing against every other content creator on every other platform for the attention of your listeners. The challenge is how to use social media to win the attention of new listeners and turn existing listeners into loyal fans by creating a deep and on-gong relationship with them. But how do you stand out on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram? In this session we’ll show you how to build a relationship with the audience beyond the show and how to take a marketing approach to your social media, so as to build a strong radio brand in social media spaces. There will be plenty of examples of current work that Somethin’ Else is creating for the BBC’s biggest national radio stations and we’ll see great examples from how other broadcasters are approaching it and how these lessons can be applied to radio.

Track 3, Hall NSession

13:45 14:30

Philippe Generali (President CEO, RCS/Media Monitors, France/USA), Rachel Comey RoundToe Leather Booties Outlet Amazon Low Cost Clearance Store For Sale Sale Factory Outlet Ea5NVX1Fq
Michael Hill (Founder Managing Director, Radioplayer, UK) , Joseph D’Angelo (Senior Vice President, Xperi, USA)

Philippe Generali (President CEO, RCS/Media Monitors, France/USA), Ford Ennals (CEO, Digital Radio UK) , Michael Hill (Founder Managing Director, Radioplayer, UK) , Joseph D’Angelo (Senior Vice President, Xperi, USA)

In the digital age, metadata is a critical component of any digital media experience and broadcast radio is no exception. Metadata simplifies content discovery, enriches engagement and can drive interaction with your audience. Voice interfaces rely on it. Come join a discussion about the opportunities unlocked with rich, engaging metadata from production to distribution and the impact on DAB/DAB+, apps and the connected car.

Track 4, Hall MSession

14:45 15:30

Staxx Williams (Z100 New York, USA) ; Jo Stanley (On-air Host, Author, Australia) ; Steve Ackerman (Somethin´Else, UK) ; Naja Nielsen (Orb Media, Denmark) , Martin Fenčák (Radio Expres, Slovakia) , Lynsey Hooper (The Offside Rule, UK) Host: Nik Goodman

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